Apple Hill Candle
In the Wick of Time

Apple Hill Candle

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Notes: apple blend, spices, vanilla, wood tones, pie crust

My Apple Hill candle is inspired by a favorite autumn destination for us Northern Californians located in the Sierra Foothills. For many, Apple Hill invokes memories of hay rides, fruit markets, and most of all APPLES! The star of the show is the bakery stocked with every kind of apple dessert you can imagine and their freshly pressed apple cider. This candle actualizes these memories with the tart, juicy apples and spices of cinnamon apple cider and the sweet, buttery notes of warm apple pie.

The images on this label are reproductions of my own original paintings!

In The Wick of Time wax is:
*made from pure 100% soybeans
*USA grown
*Kosher certified
*Cruelty free (Fragrance oil as well)
*Pesticide, herbicide, and toxin free
*Fragrance oils are paraben free

Candle care is easy! Just make sure you're trimming your wick to 1/4 inch before you light it every time (yes, every time!) or pinch off the used black excess wick with your fingers. Always let the candle burn long enough that the whole top is melted to prevent tunneling which wastes your candle. Try not to burn for more than a few hours at a time. Enjoy!

This candle is in a 9 oz jar with 8 oz of product.

Burn Time: Approximately 60 hours

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