In the Wick of Time

Cozy Autumn Nights Wax Melt

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Notes: pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, smoked nutmeg, buttercream

This is exactly what I want my cozy autumn nights to smell like. Not your average pumpkin spice scent, it has the comforting pumpkin and spices you expect with an added twist: a smoked nutmeg note and silky buttercream to balance it out.

This scent is phthalate free.

In The Wick of Time wax is:
*made from pure 100% soybeans
*USA grown
*Kosher certified
*Cruelty free (Fragrance oil as well)
*Pesticide, herbicide, and toxin free
*Fragrance oils are paraben free

Wax patterns and shades may slightly vary. Frosting may or may not occur, it is the nature of soy wax and not considered a defect. 

Place one or two cubes of the wax into your wax warmer. Experiment mixing and matching your wax melts to create your own custom scent. Enjoy the ability to control the amount of scent you experience, whether that is stronger or softer, by reducing or adding as much as you like!

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Gemini 1980
The best!!!

My family absolutely loves every scent we have bought from In the Wick of Time!!!!! I will not be buying from anyone else.