Basgiath War College Candle | 9 oz
In the Wick of Time

Basgiath War College Candle | 9 oz

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Notes: pine, eucalyptus 

Step into the realm of bravery and brutal perseverance with our candle inspired by the legendary Basgiath War College, where the motto is "Fly or Die." Immerse yourself in the invigorating scent of mountain pine and eucalyptus, capturing the essence of courage and the refreshing spirit of victory.

This candle wax is white with green swirls.

In The Wick of Time wax is:
*made from pure 100% soybeans
*USA grown
*Kosher certified
*Cruelty free (Fragrance oil as well)
*Pesticide, herbicide, and toxin free
*Fragrance oils are paraben free

Candle care is easy! Just make sure you're trimming your wick to 1/4 inch before you light it every time (yes, every time!) or pinch off the used black excess wick with your fingers. Always let the candle burn long enough that the whole top is melted to prevent tunneling which wastes your candle. Try not to burn for more than a few hours at a time. Enjoy!

This candle is in a 9 oz jar with 8 oz of product.

Burn Time: Approximately 60 hours

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Basgiath War College

My friend introduced me to the Empyrean series so I got her this candle for her birthday. Dude. Every single person at the party kept picking it back up to get their nose back in it, it’s SO GOOD. P.S. we were in a bowling alley. We looked insane. No one cared. This candle will make you act foolish in a bowling alley, that’s how good it smells.