In the Wick of Time

Stars Hollow Candle

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Notes: maple leaves, apples, toasted marshmallows, and fall spices

Admit it, it's your life-long dream to live in Stars Hollow. Now you can have a little piece of it! The smell of Connecticut maple leaves places you in the middle of the Stars Hollow Autumn Festival where the town is bobbing for apples, toasting marshmallows, and indulging in all things spice!

If you like Stars Hollow, check out Luke & Lorelai, The Dragonfly, and Sookie's Kitchen!

This scent is phthalate free

In The Wick of Time wax is:
*made from pure 100% soybeans
*USA grown
*Kosher certified
*Cruelty free (Fragrance oil as well)
*Pesticide, herbicide, and toxin free
*Fragrance oils are paraben free

Candle care is easy! Just make sure you're trimming your wick to 1/4 inch before you light it every time (yes, every time!) or pinch off the used black excess wick with your fingers. Always let the candle burn long enough that the whole top is melted to prevent tunneling which wastes your candle. Try not to burn for more than a few hours at a time. Enjoy!

This candle is in a 9 oz jar with 8 oz of product.

Burn Time: Approximately 60 hours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Not what I expected, a bit disappointed.

It took a really long time for the scent to develop. Smelled rather like soap to me, not the warm cosy scent I would have expected from Stars Hollow.

Tiffany Milk

Doesn’t smell like anything when lit

I am sorry to hear that this scent isn’t strong enough for you. For our customers that prefer a very strong scent or have larger rooms we suggest our 3 wick 16 oz candle size.

Loyal customer for life

I have been religiously buying these candles for years and this one is by far my favorite scent. Thank you!!!!

Perfect fall candle

We don't have autumn season in my country so it was nice to experience it through this candle. The throw is amazing and when I light it up, I can picture myself surrounded by cozy breeze, scent of crushed leaves in the crisp outdoors.

Gabriela Diradour

So happy with my product, incredible!